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Our Sponsorships

Our priority at 5 Star Finance is to deliver the best customer service experience when it comes to assisting you borrow for your property. We are also committed to contributing to the community we live in and have meaningful sponsorship arrangements.
WA Roller Derby - Wards Of The Skate Travelling Team

5 Star Finance is very proud to announce our new sponsorship relationship with WA Roller Derby!

WA Roller Derby is a volunteer run, grassroots, non-profit organisation. With leagues for both men and women, our sponsorship is specifically of the female travelling team Wards Of The Skate. WOTS team members not only embody powerful and confident woman holding their own in a full contact sport but also celebrate comraderie, team work, community engagement and love for their sport.

We are very excited to partner with WOTS for the 2016 Season and look forward to attending bouts and being part of the WA Roller Derby Family!

For more information about WA Roller Derby visit these links...

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